Blue Alice

by drpoppy

Since the book I have the most copies of is front coverAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and since a major theme of the story is curiosity, it makes a lot of sense to start here.

Title: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Author: Lewis Carroll

book spineAcquired: I think my mother gave me this copy, and I’m pretty sure she got it at a yard sale

Publisher: A.L. Burt Company, NY

Publication Date: Unknown

Comments: One odd thing about this edition is that it contains the original Tenniel illustrations inside, the cover is by another artist (unknown to me). Neither the cover nor the pretty spine contains the proper, full title of the work, nor do they make mention that the book also, randomly, contains Sylvie and Bruno as well.

Catalogue of A.L. Burt's Books for Girls

Judging by the colors of the cover and the style of illustration, I would make a completely uneducated guess that the book was published in the early to mid-twentieth century. A more specific guess would be the 1930s or 40s, but this is really just a hunch. I do know for sure that it was published after 1891, due to an interesting feature of the book. In the back, there is an advertisement for other “Books for Girls” published in A.L. Burt’s Catalogue of Books for Young People; the other books in the series are also 19th century, but they are all published in 1891 or earlier.

I love this edition of the book! If you have any additional information about this edition, please let me know. (And of course, feel free to comment on anything else as you wish.)