Bookstore visit: Oceans of Books

by drpoppy

On a recent trip to the Cape (that’s Cape Cod, if anyone who doesn’t know me happens to read this), we came across a bookstore in Wellfleet called “Oceans of Books.”

Front awning of Oceans of Books in Wellfleet

This bookstore is attached to a restaurant known around town as the “Bookstore Cafe,” even though that’s not its name, and there’s nothing bookish about it (we did eat there, and it was good, though). I overheard the woman at the cash register tell a customer that the bookstore used to be somewhere in regular Massachusetts (I forget where), and when the owner’s daughter decided to open a restaurant in Wellfleet, he moved the bookstore to its present location. Good idea, dad! I assume either the store changed its name when it moved, or they were already near an ocean, since it would be kinda weird to name a store Oceans of Books if you’re not near water, am I right?

The store has a cool vintage YA section…

…as well as something we need more of in bookstores: an “Alien Abduction/Occult” section!

Overall, they did have enough books to warrant the name “Oceans of Books,” if you ask me. I found a cool old grammar book and yet another Lewis Carroll book, and left a satisfied customer.