Bookstore Visit: Shakespeare and Company

by drpoppy

On a recent trip to Paris, we had to stop into the famous English-language bookstore Shakespeare and Company. We were delighted to find inspiration everywhere!

That's me, through the window!

stained glass at the front counter

This nice clerk tried to find me a copy of Les Miserables. Don't you think it's weird they didn't have it?

books all the way up to the ceiling

books in every imaginable spot -- there was even a shelf built up under the stairs

and on the steps were the ones that didn't fit on shelves

or just, you know, in a big, unsorted pile (I actually bought a book that was on the top)

the walls have illustrations of famous authors

there's a piano upstairs for anyone to play on (this young woman, who was from Spain, played songs by Coldplay and Eric Clapton, while her friends sang along)

All in all, a charming, comfortable haven for the book lover! I purchased three used books (Simone de Beauvoir’s Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter, Katherine Mansfield’s collection The Garden Party, and Mary McCarthy’s A Charmed Life, about which I know nothing), and they stamped the first page with a Shakespeare and Company logo stamp, something more bookstores should do! Stop in if you’re ever in Paris.